We know that when people think of event planners, they think of weddings. But our talented planners can assist with so many kinds of exceptional events. Do you have a festival to plan? We can help. Corporate event to coordinate? We’re here for you. Trade show to put together? We can do that, too. In fact, here are just some of the ways the EventShop team can make event planning easier and more successful for you:

Corporate Conferences and Events

EventShop plans and manages corporate conferences in Knoxville and nationwide. We can assist with everything from pre-planning logistics to post-conference assessments. What do we mean when we say everything? EventShop can coordinate site selection and manage RFP’s. We can get your speakers booked and your attendants registered and informed about your event. We can manage your audio visual and stage sets, coordinate your classes and talks, and even provide print, signage, name badges, and promotional items for your event. In short, EventShop can plan and manage anything you need to have a fully engaged corporate conference.

Music Festivals and City Festivals

Really – we do that! Our senior planners have experience planning festivals in large and mid-sized metropolitan areas for a variety of event types. That means they not only know all the right questions to ask, they also know how to find the people with the best answers for your needs. Festivals require detailed plans and schedules for entertainment, vendors, sponsorships, marketing strategy, location management, and production of the events themselves. We can help create and coordinate all of these plans. We can also help staff your festival within your budget and resource availability. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of planning a city or music festival – let us help!

Trade Shows

EventShop can take the overwhelming number of tasks involved in planning a successful trade show and align them into a smooth, lucrative process. We handle floor plans and shipping manifests, vendor relations, F&B services, security, lighting and audio, attendee registration and management, and anything else that contributes to trade shows that bring in big business. You’ll also need to keep that big business entertained and the sales conversations flowing, and we can assist with that too. From cocktail parties and mixers for your VIPs to recharging stations and session debriefings for your attendees, EventShop knows how to make your show stand out.


Fundraiser planning requires creativity, a little bit of psychology, and tons of logistical know-how. Entertainment is almost always on the list, but we can help with promotion, the event itself, and analysis after your fundraiser to help you understand what worked and what could be better. The team of senior planners at EventShop has worked with clients in both for-profit fundraising and non-profit fundraising to create hugely successful luncheons, galas, cocktail parties, themed evenings and more that attendees want to come back for (and give to!) year after year.

Anything Else You Can Dream Up

At EventShop, we know that every event has a different path to success. That’s why our services are so comprehensive and our teams so skilled. Ready to talk details? Get in touch and we’ll walk through your vision with you to put together a plan for just what you need to make your event a great success.