Are you looking to plan your office’s next holiday party? The holiday season is creeping up, so now is the time to start getting a game plan put together. At EventShop, we’ve planned many a holiday party! Here are a few stress-free corporate holiday party planning tips that we’ve learned along the way:

1. Create and stick to your budget

It’s really easy to go crazy on spending, especially when it comes to your office’s holiday party. We recommend creating a reasonable budget and then STICKING TO IT. This is a great way to set perimeters which will help you plan in the long run. The rest of the tips listed will also help you keep your holiday party budget-friendly.

2. Find a venue with an inclusive package

Plan smarter, not harder! Many venues offer a one-stop-shop for décor, venue & catering. The really cool part is that these packages are plug and play and they can be tailored to the company’s needs. Not all parties are going to be exactly the same, but this option sets you up for success by making the planning super easy and totally budget-friendly. During the holidays, many venues go above and beyond to decorate their venues. This can be a huge cost saving for you, especially when it comes to corporate holiday party planning!

3. Make your corporate holiday party relevant and celebrate

This corporate holiday party is an appreciation for your team, so don’t forget to make it a celebration! Don’t get caught up in all the details. Think about activities and entertainment that your colleagues would love to partake in and incorporate them into the party agenda. Take time to think about what things would make your team feel most celebrated.

4. Consider adding a “give-back” as part of your event

The holidays are all about giving back! Highlight the spirit of the holidays by turning your office or corporate holiday party into a “give-back” event. You can choose a non-profit that really embodies the mission of your company. Toy and canned food drives are a great way to give back to the community. Inspire your colleagues to get in the giving spirit.

5. Choose a team to help you execute your event

What is better than having a team of experts there to help you make your office party the best it can be? At EventShop, we’ve planned plenty of office and corporate holiday parties. We take time to get to know you and your colleagues, so we can tailor one of our packages to fit your needs. Don’t stress about party planning! We’ll take care of it for you.

Contact us here and we can walk through your vision with you.