Meet Our Dream Team

From Our Founder

Brooke Carper

Events are complex and crazy, and having an expert team is essential. Having a stellar team who are also just incredible people, that is extraordinary. I am lucky, I have both!

administrator extraordinaire

Baylee Boling

As the OG on the team, Baylee has been with ES for nearly four years. She has learned the event ropes from being in the trenches on-site, learning allll the systems during the planning process, and now manages many aspects of each event. She is the master of timelines, juggler of vendors and suppliers, and our resident creative guru…but truly only mentioning a few things. We love the light that Baylee brings every day, and the intensity she brings to her career; a true gem. Our girl Baylee is an absolute boss! 

Baylee also has the most adorable little girl, Remi Mae, and one little kitty to keep her happy. Their family loves to bebop around town, go to the local park, and explore all the fun things on the weekends in Knoxville.

Her go-to event close-out beverage Dr.Robot Blackberry Lemonade Sour 

Most fun thing you’ve done at ES Getting the Opportunity to travel to Orlando for an entire week to manage a national teachers conference! 

our calm during the storm

Jessie Duval Hood

Jessie has been with us for two years, but has been in the mix for the last twelve years of fun and madness. Jessie is our go-to for so many things, but we love her ability to manage a variety of projects, bust out catering skills at any moment, and always being at the ready for operations and back of house organized chaos. Jessie has more than 30 years of hospitality, catering and event experience, and is always our calm during the storm…often, an actual rain storm. 

Jessie is also married to a Jesse, making them officially, The Jessie’s. They have four pets, love to eat good food & watch movies, and hope to travel WAY more. Since Jessie has been in and around the event world for so many years, she has lots of stories. 

When asked, “Best Celebrity or BackStage Moment”: Hanging out backstage/side stage on NYE with the Avett Brothers.

Her favorite place to eat a chicken tender: Preferably in a chair…unlike that one time backstage at the Black Crows I only had time to eat while standing over a garbage can.